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Bay Area Movers: Moving to a New Neighborhood

The Bay area is large with almost 7,000 square miles and is comprised of six neighborhoods, including San Francisco, East Bay, North Bay, South Bay, Peninsula and Santa Cruz. Although these neighborhoods are in the same region, they aren’t that close to each other. For example, it’s about 70 miles from Santa Cruz to San Francisco. If you’re planning a move from one Bay area to another, Bay area movers like Upline Moving can assist you in your move without breaking a sweat. As one of the leading local Bay area movers, Upline Moving is full-service and takes care of everything for you from A to Z, including packing and unpacking.

Without a doubt, San Francisco is hip with its speakeasies, vintage saloons and Wine Country. With a steady supply of the nation’s finest hooch, the West is still wild. It’s also scenic with its wind-sculpted treetops, fog rolling over the Golden Gate Bridge and crooked Victorian rooflines. Enjoy the splendid panoramas of the 43 rolling hills or head for a day at the beach. Upline Moving can make a move to San Francisco seamless.

East Bay is a laid-back neighborhood and is separated into two regions by the East Bay Hills. In downtown Berkeley, you’ll find college students, aging hippies and old money yuppies strolling the streets and dining at the Tibetan and Indian eateries. Fourth Street is an eclectic, café-society type of place where you’ll find well-heeled shoppers wandering from boutique to boutique.

Let Upline Moving help you make the move to North Bay. The North Bay neighborhood is connected East Bay by the Richmond Bridge and to San Francisco by the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s the least populous and urbanized area in the Bay region. If you’re planning a move from San Francisco to North Bay, get ready for a change in scenery. It’s quite rural with many vineyards, farmland and undeveloped open space.

South Bay is nestled in Silicon Valley and home to high-tech companies like Cisco and Apple. Although the neighborhood is urbanized, there are plenty of nearby beaches and cliffs for some rest and relaxation. A move to South Bay is ideal for those who love the sun, sand and surf.Head over to Devil’s Cliffs for a breathtaking vista of the Pacific Ocean or bask in the sun-drenched skies at Muir Beach or Pebble Beach.

The Peninsula consists of suburban communities in San Mateo County and cities like San Bruno, Redwood Shores and San Carlos. This neighborhood is culturally diverse and also reflects the technology boom of the ‘90s. Santa Cruz is located between the coast of the Santa Cruz Mountains and Monterey Bay. With coastal lowlands, a rugged north coast and rolling hills, this area is quite picturesque. Upline Moving will help you enjoy the new scenery.

Whether you’re moving from Santa Cruz to San Francisco or any other neighborhood within the Bay area, turn to the Bay area movers of Upline Moving. Sit back and relax with these moving experts at the helm.