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We would like to bring to your attention the available Insurance options for your upcoming move. Although Upline Moving holds one of the lowest damage rates in the industry in the past fourteen years, from time to time damage may occur.

Your current quote includes the Basic Minimum Liability Protection required by law of .60 per pound, per item. This minimum liability is not full coverage insurance or valuation coverage, and in a case of a claim, reimbursement is according to the weight of the item X .60 cents per lb.

The above liability and format of calculation is in accordance to the maximum allowed by law throughout the moving industry, and not solely for Upline Moving.

We strongly recommend purchasing full coverage insurance for your goods. There are many insurance companies that provide moving insurance, and for your convenience we have listed below an insurance company that offers competitive rates and dependable service.

You may contact:

Move Insure at (800) 356-0093 or simply click on the following link:
Feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have, and thank you again for choosing Upline Moving.