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Budgeting for A Move to San Mateo

Few activities in life are as nerve-rattling — or as expensive — as moving households. But taking time to plan a detailed budget can at least ease your mind where your finances are concerned. The overall cost of your move to the San Mateo area will depend in part on whether you’re renting or buying.

Moving expenses for renters in San Mateo

When you rent a home or apartment in the San Mateo area, overlapping expenses can cause budget stress. For example, the first month’s rent is often due at a new place at the same time that you’re still paying rent for an existing apartment. If you’re moving quickly for a Silicon Valley job, fees for breaking your lease could amount to a month’s rent or more.

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Deposits for a new apartment in San Mateo can add up; security deposits, pet deposits and others can strain your budget. Renters’ insurance payments also can overlap for your two places. Utility deposits often are required in a new location, along with pre-payment for some types of utilities as you wait for refunds from your old place.

Moving expenses for purchasers in San Mateo

If you’re purchasing a home in the San Mateo area, you’ll have many of the same costs renters face, along with a few others. For selling your existing home, you should plan on sales commission and other Realtor fees, lawyer and title search fees, and cleaning and repairs. Appraisals, inspections and surveys, along with marketing your existing home, also should be included in your budget.

Moving your belongings to San Mateo

Whether you’re renting or buying in San Mateo, you’ll need assistance with moving. You can go the stressful route by renting a truck and recruiting friends to help, or you can leave your valuable possessions in the hands of professional San Mateo area movers and relax.

If you hire a moving company in San Mateo, your budget should include the overall moving company fee, including labor and charges for fuel, and you may need additional insurance for valuable items. If you complete your move to San Mateo on your own, consider the cost of truck rental, mileage and insurance.

Whether you’re renting or buying in the San Mateo area, taking the time to develop a detailed moving budget can ease your mind and help the process go more smoothly.