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It's one thing to move when you're single or when you're a couple. All decisions are on you. For the most part, you're in control. If you have children, though, things are very different. In most moves, children are just participants and what they see is that they are being yanked away from everythi...

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Even when you hire a professional mover, the process of moving is pretty all-consuming. The two months before a move are shockingly busy, and even for those who are organizationally gifted, moving seems like the time to put aside all the fun things we do in life. You're still human, though, and with...

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You might have read last month about a house in Sunnyvale that sold for $782,000 over asking price. It pretty much shocked the entire Bay Area, but if you've been house hunting over the last few years, you might not be all that surprised. The house wasn't big. It was a modest four bedroom two bath...

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